Como fazer um Bolo de Fraldas

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About 44 disposable diapers
Curling ribbon
Decorative Ribbon
Receiving blankets
Something for the top (stuffed animal or bottle)
Tiny items to tuck into the cake, or set on it (like baby lotion, bibs, booties, wash clothes, rattles, teething rings, hairbrushes and binkies)

1. Roll about 40 diapers
Take each diaper, one at a time (don?t unfold), and roll them; starting with the bottom crease and rolling towards the top sticky tabs. Secure with a short piece of curling ribbon. (Ribbons will not show until Mom-to-be takes the cake apart to use the diapers).

2. Bottom Layer
On a large, flat party platter or cake plate, stand the wipe container on end and stack rolled diapers around it until they make the shape of a circle. (The wipes will be taller than the diapers) Tie with a long piece of curling ribbon. Again, the ribbon won?t be seen until Mom-to-be takes the cake apart.

3. Second Layer
Stack more rolled diapers around the wipe container that is still showing. This layer should be a smaller circle than the first, making it look like the second tier of a wedding cake. When ready, tie the diapers with a long piece of curling ribbon.

4. Top Layer
Stack a few more diapers for this top tier of the cake, and tie with a bit of curling ribbon.

5. Wrap the layers
Fold each receiving blanket lengthwise so it is about 4 inches tall, but as long as possible. Wrap one around the bottom cake layer, and tie with a decorative ribbon. Do the same for each layer.

6. Finishing Touches
Drape a bib or burb rag, stack booties, or pull out a diaper or two to replace with baby lotion. Tuck in baby washcloths or place booties decoratively on the cake. Don?t forget the topper, and you?re all set! If you need to fasten, use safety pins or even diaper pins.

7. Tips
Instead of receiving blankets, use a hooded bath towelChoose a theme. It could be a color, an animal, or baby?s nursery theme?then tie in the colors and choices of decorative items.When choosing decorative items and receiving blankets to use ? start with the theme, then choose the cake topper, then lastly decide on the other items and receiving blanket colors.

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